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Excellence In American Musical Electronics

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Hand-built in the USA

Exceptional high-quality, road worthy effect devices
Wired with Mil-Spec Teflon jacketed, silver plated wire

To purchase Loud Button pedals, please visit or contact one of Loud Button's dealers (listed on the "Dealers" page).  More dealers will be added soon!  If your favorite store doesn't currently carry Loud Button pedals, ask them to contact Loud Button to become a dealer.

Model WTF

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The Loud Button WTF™ 

WTF was that?

One of the most unique effect pedals to hit the market in years.  Hard to has to be heard! 

Check out our feature video on the Home page and even more under Video.

We've been fortunate to have the support of musicians around the world to spread the word about this work of electronic madness.  

The WTF works well with guitar or bass!

List Price: $219 USD

Street Price: $199 USD

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The Morphine Dream™ Distortion/Analog Phaser

The legendary AP-7 resurrected and improved...



The Morphine Dream is the coolest pedal to hit the market since the WTF.  A dreamy, psychedelic  eight-stage phaser with fuzzy vintage distortion up-front, this pedal sounds almost 40-years-old!  Speed changes are done with an organic ramping effect that nicely simulates a rotating speaker.  Many tones are in this box, from watery "Woodstock-style" vibe to insane flanged distortion and everything in between.


4 foot switches control the following:

 -Normal/Effect (electronic true bypass)with LED Indicator

 -Fuzz On/Off

 -Shallow/Deep with LED Indicators

 -Slow/Fast with LED Indicators


The foot switches eliminate the six-position preset switch which was standard on the AP-7.  This will give the user total control over every aspect of the circuit.


 -18V circuit that runs on a standard external 9VDC supply (there is no provision for batteries)

-On-board dual output gain compensation addresses the volume drop inherent in the original circuit.  Levels are preset by Loud Button prior to shipping.  The clean and fuzz channels are independently adjustable using trim potentiometers inside the pedal.

 -Hand-built and designed in the United States, this pedal contains three circuit boards and over 200 parts.  It's wired with aerospace-grade Teflon-jacketed, silver plated wire.

 -Metal Neutrik In/Out Jacks 

 -Lead-Free, RoHS Compliant


 It sounds amazing with a guitar or bass.



List Price: $599 USD

Street Price: $429 USD